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Murals Make Lasting Impressions

(ARA) - The next time you get the urge to update your home décor, look for items that are meaningful to you personally. Is your passion sailing? Do you love going on nature walks? Or are you interested in animals or wildlife? No matter what your interests, your home should be a reflection of you.

Murals Make Lasting Impressions

(ARA) - Ask any interior decorator the question, "What's the secret to making a house a home?" The simple answer: choose decor that is a true reflection of the people who live there.

When Annette Williams and her family moved into a new home in Cameron Park, Calif., they decorated it in a theme that left no question they are of Hispanic descent. There are prints with lots of rich reds, yellows and oranges; complementary pottery; and in the space above the formal dining room, a mural of a woman who looks just like Annette's mother did in her 20's.

Williams' mother had loved to sing before she passed away and the woman in the picture was standing in front of a microphone. Annette had found the perfect wallpaper mural, "Sweet Corrine's," in the vintage poster section of the Murals Your Way Web site, www.muralsyourway.com. The company has a library of more than 4,000 images available. Each can be custom printed in sizes as small as 4 feet by 6 feet or as large as a house.

When Annette Williams and her family moved into their new house in Cameron Park, Calif., west of Tahoe this past summer, they decided to go with a Spanish theme. "It's part of my family culture," says Williams. "We're Portuguese, Mexican and Spanish and wanted our house to reflect who we are."

There are Diego Rivera and Botero prints with lots of rich reds, yellows and oranges on her home's walls. Complimentary Mexican pottery is scattered throughout the house. "I like the fact that everything ties together nicely," she says. But until recently, there was something missing.

One day towards the end of the summer while her father was visiting, he looked up at the niche over the formal dining room and said, "You really need something to put up there." Williams looked up at the seven foot high by six foot wide space and told her father she agreed. "I couldn't find a picture big enough to fit in that space at any of the print shops I visited, so I decided to go on line and look for a wall mural," she says.

The first mural she found that she liked was on the Murals Your Way Web site. "It was a picture of a bull fighter," she says. "It had the right look, but the colors were all wrong." So she decided to check out the vintage posters on the site. When she found the one titled, "Sweet Corrine's," she was blown away.

"The woman in the poster looked exactly like my mom when she was in her 20s," says Williams. Both women had porcelain white skin and long dark hair. Williams' mother loved to sing and the woman in the picture was standing in front of a microphone. "They even had the same first name -- Corrine. When I saw the picture it brought me to tears. I lost my mom to a stroke two years ago."

After showing the mural to her father, they placed the order together and waited eagerly for it to arrive. "Once I had it hung up over the dining room, my dad came over, looked up at it and just cried. 'Sweet Corrine's' is a great tribute to my mom and one I will treasure always," says Williams.

"Sweet Corrine's" is just one of the more than 4,000 images available from Murals Your Way. The company also offers custom murals from personal photographs, artwork, corporate photos or illustrations. Murals can be printed as small as 4 feet by 6 feet, or as large as a house. To check out the gallery, log on to www.muralsyourway.com or call (888) 295-9764 to speak with a design consultant to get started.

Courtesy of ARA Content

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